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Smart Home app

August 20-22, 2019

Duration 3 days 

Role Concept Designer

It was a 3 days' assignment test in order to check creativity and concept skills.

Design a mobile app UI that lets you control:

➔ Lights on/off, intensity, colour

➔ Temperature on/off

➔ Curtains open/close

➔ A made-up smart home functionality of your choosing (the sky's the limit; forget technical feasibility)

Smart devices with their own names living theirs smart lives in your smart house. Soulful objects trying to improve human life working and living in cooperation.

Initially, I came up with raw ideas of transforming 4 required functions into 4 visually distinctive elements. 
Patterns I started with were: 4 corners in a room – 4-side rotating element (like a Rubik's cube), a solar system of smart objects, trendy rotating UI controls (hey, dribbble), pattern recognition bot, typography variations (designer's special), real objects in "habitat".

I brainstormed devices states, which I'd wish to cover in my project and created a simple ecosystem of options. My imaginary function was pet control, however, I believe it's rather feasible. 

Then I came up with a possible scenario:

Now Hero is in his room with a cat named Wendy, enjoying a movie as he usually does on Thursday night. During this he'd like to take a short break and make a cup of tea, he plans to go to sleep right after the movie ends, but not later than 00:10.

Building a case:

NOW (my room: MOVIE NIGHT; other rooms: default) ➔ NEXT (all rooms: TEA, TOILET)

NEXT PLANNED (all rooms: SLEEP; timer: 00:10) ➔ EDIT, ADD



Immediate control of all smart devices by typing-in any command, you can get information about syntax by clicking the icon on the right. Can be improved with voice control.


@ambie turnoff //turns off the light named Ambie

@wendy move(myroom) //moves Wendy cat to My room

@jay ? //returns a current state of curtains named Jay

The dashboard screen includes scheduled and happening now activities. To adjust smart devices by room or by type of control function you can choose the second or the third icon in the Tab bar.